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Becky Lane

Filmmaker/Immersive Media Explorer

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Filmmaker Becky Lane likes to push boundaries, ask provocative questions and explore how media shapes our perceptions of the world and each other. As an emerging virtual reality director and producer, she was named as a 2017 Google JumpStart participant with her project Virtual Burly: An Interactive History of Burlesque. Shot with the GoPro Odyssey camera, Virtual Burly takes viewers on an interactive journey through the evolution of burlesque and examines its impact on women’s sexual empowerment, perceptions of gender, and ideas around censorship.  It poses questions of identity, objectification, and perspective and engages the viewer to consider these issues with the dancers as they perform. As a sociologist and filmmaker, Lane has embraced the power and possibilities of immersive media.

Virtual Burly will be made available for festivals late 2018.

Virtual Burly

Virtual Burly – Your own private show! A 3-D, 360-degree recreation of historical burlesque styles from 1900-1970. Designed to be experienced through a VR headset, Virtual Burly takes viewers on an entertaining and seductive journey through the evolution of burlesque, and explores burlesque history and its impact on women’s sexual empowerment. Showcasing the artistry of burlesque dance troupe Whiskey Tango Sideshow, Virtual Burly is a combination of dance performances and interviews brought together to explore themes in women’s experience in this art form.


More Information

Becky Lane's award-winning film work explores topics particularly relevant to the women's and LGBTQ communities. In addition to her Google JumpStart award, she has been named as a participant in the CineSlam/Center for Independent Documentary lab, awarded an emerging filmmaker award from the North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and was the 2013 Tompkins County New York Artist in Residence. Her films have screened at over 100 festivals is the US and internationally. She leads a boutique immersive media company in Ithaca, NY, VisionLab360, that specializes in interactive media applications for education and business, and is currently the immersive media expert-in-residence at Ithaca College.

Becky Lane is a motivated and passionate Film Director, always looking for new challenges and opportunities. Please browse her site, and get in touch at nicegirlfilms@gmail.com with any questions.